Please note that any person, corporate entity or any other body whether employed/contracted by the company or not, will be committing a criminal offence in the event that unauthorised access to GEV Offshore Limited and/or its subsidiaries databases and IT systems is attempted either successfully or not. GEV Offshore Limited reserve the right to bring criminal charges against any individual, corporate entity or any other body that it is proven to have attempted such unauthorised access. Please be informed that the penalty is a FINE, IMPRISONMENT or BOTH.

If you are unsure whether accessing these systems is outside of you authority, then do not proceed any further and seek guidance from your line management. For all persons who have been provided with authorised access, please note that your use of these systems may be monitored by GEV Offshore Limited for operational or business reasons.

GEV Offshore Limited provides web based access to a number of its operating systems for authorised personnel only. Access is via personnel specific passwords which should be kept private at all times and changed regularly (recommended once a month). If you forget your password, then please contact your local GEV Offshore nominated support who will be able to re-set this.